We’re sure you’ve noticed that we made some changes in the look and feel of our web site, and some of the most important changes can be found on our new Member Directory page! We’ve made it so that each Business Member has their own page with details and information about the business, its principals, business info, and more.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out the new Members Directory here.

We’re working very hard to make Becoming A Member of the Moorcroft Chamber of Commerce much more valuable for our Members. We’ll be rolling out more changes over the next couple of months that we think you’ll be very excited about such as our upcoming newsletter, online marketing campaigns, and more!

If you’re already a Member, we encourage you to make sure you have provided us with all of your updated business info, a recent photo, and any information you want included about your business. If you need to Contact Us with any changes, please do so and we’ll get right to it!

Your voice and opinion are important to us! If you have any ideas or suggestions on ways we can provide you with a great experience, please be sure to let us know!